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Monday, July 22, 2013

Love Love 
By Beth Michele
Rating: 4 Glasses of Wine

Gabrielle Willis is smart. She's funny. And oh yes, she's a bit klutzy. 
When Gabrielle left sunny California bound for the energy of Manhattan, she was willingly leaving the life she had known for the new life she would create. But was she really leaving something behind or was she running away?
On the outside, Gabrielle Willis has it all under control. A new life in Manhattan, a great roommate, and a good job. But she is haunted. Haunted by a memory she's tried to forget and by a family who's abandoned her. But what happens when what's on the outside is only an illusion and in perfect contradiction to what's buried deep within?
Enter Dane Rhodes. He's gorgeous, smart, and sexy as hell. Just what Gabby wants, or so she thinks. But when she meets Brad Dixon, the sweet guy with the crooked smile, he begins to make her see that the very thing she is trying to run from is the very thing that just may push her to see the light.
**New Adult Contemporary Romance. Due to language & sexual content, this book is recommended for readers 17 & older**

Our Review:
Love Love is like a fire-roasted marshmallow. Sweet, fluffy, goodness with that small area that is charred because it caught on fire. I'm a sucker for some good fluff, but let's be real, sometimes sweet is not always better.

California girl Gabrielle Willis thinks that everything is finally going her way. She's just graduated from UC Berkley, has an amazing best friend, and the love of her life by her side. Who cares that her dad is off with his latest twenty something girlfriend? That her mom is a stuck up bitch that's constantly looking down her nose at her only daughter? Then, in the blink of an eye, everything changes and her world comes crashing down around her.
"If there ever comes a day we can be together, keep me in your heart. I'll stay there forever."
Flash forward 3 years.... Now living in NYC, Gabby and her best friend Fran, are living the fast paced city life. Trying to start over and reinvent herself, Gabby is all about the "new". Trading Starbucks for a cute little coffee shop called the Brew House one Monday morning Gabby doesn't realize more than her coffee is about to change. She's greeted by a cute boy with adorable dimples behind the counter. For the first time in what she feels like forever he asks her what is it that she wants. Loaded question right?!?!? 
"Have you ever kissed a superhero before Gabby?" 
Spilling coffee all over tall, dark and sexy is not a good impression to make on the man who Gabby can not take her eyes off of. Dane is everything Gabby think she's wants. Successful, sexy as sin, and polite. But is Gabby looking for love or lust? Dane and Gabby heat up the sheets and things are starting to look "up" (no pun intended!) When Gabby finds out that Dane is her new client she's thrilled that she gets to spend even more time with Mr. Perfect. However not everyone is perfect and Dane has secrets of his own. 
"I wonder why anyone would go looking for love in a bar. I mean, let's be real, this isn't the place to find the key to,your heart. The key to your vagina, maybe."
Brad is sweet and funny and makes Gabby feel "comfortable" for the first time in a long time. Shaggy hair that falls into his eyes, adorable dimples and a wink that sets Gabby's heart soaring. As Gabby and Brad's friendship grows and they dance around the obvious romance developing between them, secrets keep them from opening their hearts completely to each other. Can Gabby overcome her demons and finally learn to let someone hold her heart again?
"There's no time limit on grief. Breathe it, feel it, let it seep into you. When you're ready, and only when you're ready, you'll be able to let go. And even then, it will stay with you, somewhere in part of your soul." 
I enjoyed the fun, flirty banter back and forth between Gabby and Brad. Honestly though, Gabby's insecurities and weak little girl act drove me crazy sometimes. I found myself saying to my iPad, "seriously, get your head out of your ass!!!" In retrospect, I wanted to shake the ever loving shit out of Brad as he "proceeded with caution" not wanting to shatter Gabby's fragile heart. Dane oozes pure sex and his dirty pillow talk made my heart flutter. 

Some of the dialogue was a bit cheesy, but over all this was a good first for Beth Michele. I am honored to be have been able read an ARC of her first novel. She will only continue to grow as an author and I look forward to reading more of her work. If you're looking for some fluff, sex, and flirty banter then Love Love is a book you want to read! This reader gives Love Love by Beth Michele 4 glasses of White Zin.

About The Author: 

Beth Michele is a wife, a mom, an author and a lover of all things chocolate, well, anything sweet really. While stuffing chocolate in her face, she enjoys reading young adult and new adult novels furiously, and spending time with her husband and two adorable children who keep her on her painted toes. Those same children who inspire her to tell silly stories that cause hysterical giggles to tumble from their bellies. Beth is a hopeless romantic and a happily ever after fanatic who loves to write about love.
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