Review: First Position by Prescott Lane

Saturday, July 20, 2013

First Position 
By Prescott Lane
Our Rating: 4 Glasses of Wine

Emory faces life’s challenges at the one place that’s never failed her, the ballet barre.  But even the barre can’t steady her when fate brings her face-to-face with her old college flame, Mason, who’s hoping to return to the NFL after a career-threatening injury.  Before they can surrender to their sexual desires and find salvation in each other’s arms, they need to come to terms with their past.  Mason must confront the demons that have set him on a path of self-destruction, while Emory must decide whether to keep her painful secrets locked away, or expose them and risk losing the love of her life.  But nothing can prepare Mason for what Emory has kept hidden, or the possibility that he himself may be to blame for the very secrets she keeps – and why they continue to haunt her.

Our Review:

This book was a bit different than what we normally read. It has all the makings of our normal reads: drama, hot guy, gay friend, sex and secrets.  But it also had something that most of our books don't: religion. Now, I have beliefs but I am not an overly religious person. While reading this, I was concerned that this was going to be a turn off.  How could I get in to the sex in this book when I was worried about God reading over my shoulder??  But I was surprised to find that I wasn't bothered by it and it worked!

 Mason is H-O-T!!!! An NFL quarterback, he is strong and confident.  However, as we read we learn that he is also a GOOD GUY!!!  So many times professional athletes let the game go to their head and get involved with the wrong things. But not Mason. Faithful, loyal to his family, and determined to do the right thing when he gets the second chance he has been longing for.

“Mason recoiled, no interest in illegal drugs. He was as straight-laced as NFL players come — no arrests, tattoos, or steroids — and married and faithful to his wife, a woman he never even loved. Alcohol was the extent of his vices, and it was working fine at the moment.”

Emory is also a very easily lovable character.  Often the lead females in novels are whiny, needy, or have no self confidence.  Emory is none of that.  She stands up for herself and those she loves and doesn't take any crap off anyone.

“I’m the best thing that’s ever happened to your boy, Kathleen.”
“Ever since he left me, his personal life has been shit. For some reason, you don’t seem to care. But you should — more than his career.” Kathleen waved her arms dismissively, a fire burning inside. “As for me,” Emory continued, “you are entitled to your opinion, but you should rethink it.”

I loved the progression of this book.  There wasn't any part of the book that dragged or that I felt the urge to skip over.  And never once did I feel the urge to jump in the story and shake any of the characters, which I often do....... All of the characters stayed true to who they were supposed to be.  

Prescott Lane does a great job with her debut novel and she totally gets 4 glasses of White Zin for Mason and Emory's story. 

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