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Saturday, July 13, 2013

This Heart of Mine (Raine #3) 
By Amanda Bennett
Our Rating: 4 Glasses of Wine

Kayla seems to have it all. She has a wonderful man who would go to the ends of the earth for her and a family that seems to support her regardless of the consequences. But is it enough to help her face her demons and to truly find happiness within her heart? Madison never thought he would be faced with so many life altering decisions at such a young age. he wants to do right by Kayla and his family, but when old wounds reopen he finds himself questioning every choice he has ever made. Life isn't all it seems for these two and they're coming to the realization that there will always be someone wanting to come along and destroy it all. Will following her heart prove to be the right decision, or will it be the one thing that could make the only man she's ever loved, say good-bye for good?
Our Review:
Well lookie lookie, everyone's favorite "Cowboy" and "Pretty Girl" are back in This Heart of Mine, the final installment in the Raine Series. After the first two books (This Love of Mine and This Trust of Mine) left us with huge cliffhangers that had us begging for more, it was great to see Madison and Kayla finally get a happily ever after. However, that happily ever after didn't exactly come easily. Both of them had to step up and do what they thought was best in order to protect each other and the family they were building. There were several unexpected twists and many questionable decisions in this book. I had moments where I was literally drooling over Madison then ten seconds later shaking my head and growling at him through my Ipad. It wasn't all Cowboy though. I yelled at Kayla a few times also. But isn't that what makes a good book? The ability to lose yourself in the characters and feel the agony of their choices. Amanda does a fabulous job of keeping you on your toes through out. Just when you get comfortable, BAM! something happens that makes you sit straight up in bed and cuss in surprise. I probably said "Oh shit" more times than I care to admit. Okay Okay...I have to stop before I start giving away all the good stuff.

Oh! I can't finish with out mentioning how much I loved their best friends, Cami and Glenn. I loved seeing more of their relationship in this book. And even Joey grew on me a little.

This book was a fun, sweet, and sexy read. It was the perfect ending for such a great couple.


I found myself pressing my hands against the cool glass on my window as I watched her and Cami walking by. I could feel her pull to me. I could feel her heart hurting for me, just as my heart hurt for her. When she glanced up at me, I quickly turned off my light and settled in for a long nights rest. I was overwhelmed with the events of today and yesterday. My life was beginning to get beyond complicated, and I could feel myself getting to the edge of never. Everything inside of me was tellin' me to jump. To just let go and let everyone else deal with the consequences, but I couldn't. I wouldn't in a million years ever put Kayla through that. She deserved me at my best and damn it if I wasn't willing to prove that to her.

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