Review: Rock Chick Revolution by Kristen Ashley

Monday, August 26, 2013

Rock Chick Revolution
By Kristen Ashley
Rating: 4 Glasses of Wine
Ally Nightingale has secrets. Secrets she doesn't even share with the Rock Chicks. But two men know what she's up to. One has her back. The other has her heart, but he doesn't know it.
As Ally rewinds the last year of her life, she knows two things. One, she’s never going to get what every Rock Chick should have—her own Hot Bunch guy. And two, she’s a Nightingale through and through. She just isn’t sure what to do about that.
But as her secrets are revealed, the men in her life react. Darius Tucker, a lifelong friend, as usual takes her back. Ren Zano, the man she loves, isn’t quite so sure. The Rock Chicks, Hot Bunch and the entire gang at Fortnum’s weigh in, and a Rock Chick Revolution starts brewing.
It’s up to Ally to control it and prove what she knows down to her bones.
She’s a Rock Chick, she deserves her hot guy and she’s going to keep the one she wants…
Because she’s a Nightingale
Our Review:
About a year ago, I discovered a little book called Sweet Dreams by Kristen Ashley. Approximately 500 pages later, I was officially her biggest fan (or as big of fan as you can be after only one book). Within 30 days, I bought and read all 3 trillion of her books. Hi, my name is Aly and I am a Kristen Ashley addict. I absolutely adore everything she writes. I would probably even read a take out menu written by Kristen Ashley, and it would be the funniest fucking thing I have ever read.

"Ummm, yes I'd like to order the Cashew Crusted 'Babe' Burger. Your menu states that it's THE SHIT. Extra 'Alpha Male' Mayo please!"

Rock Chick Revolution is book eight in Kristen Ashley's Rock Chick series. If for some ludicrous reason you have not read the first seven books, you are seriously missing out. Get started reading them today, to hell with the rest of your TBR list.

Okay back to my review....

I can't explain to you how excited I was about Rock Chick Revolution,. I had a countdown, scheduled Rock Chick rereads, and Ash and I even did a little Kristen Ashley stalking. I started reading this book the minute it appeared on my iPad. And all too soon...I was done.

Ally Nightingale is not your typical Rock Chick. She is much stronger and a badass in her own right. Or at least that is what we are supposed to think... Ally fell short for me. I just didn't like her. She was, well...reasonable. Which is definitely not a word I would use to describe any of the other Rock Chicks. They are known to be quirky, crazy, and irrational. Ally was none of those things. I didn't hate her, I just didn't love her. She was no Ava, Indy, or even Roxie. But honestly who reads KA's books for the women? As much as I didn't love Ally, I really liked she and Ren together.
“I give you the sign, you move in.”
“What’s the sign?" Mace pushed."
"I was thinking a rain dance on the front lawn. That work for you?” I replied snottily. 
 “Okay, I’d had a variety of Rock Chick chinwags where the girls let it all hang out about their guys and how they communicated in Asshole, but I’d never experienced it personally. And Ren had just demonstrated he was fluent in Asshole. ” 
To my absolute shock and maybe a little horror, Lorenzo "Ren" Zano is one of the more laid back of Kristen Ashley's alpha males. After meeting him in Rock Chick Revenge, I was sure Ren would rival Luke on the crazy scale. But nope, Ren is much more cool, and his own breed of bossy hot guy.  Don't get me wrong, the man is off the charts delicious and doesn't hold back with the "Asshole Speak". But there is just something well...reasonable about Ren too. For a couple that supposedly fights all the time, they were surprisingly tame.

“You know, just sayin’, you said this shit to me like you just said it to me rather than yellin’ at my ass until the only option I have to stop you from yellin’ is to tap your ass, it might have penetrated about ten months ago.” 

So now I will tell you a few fun facts about this book and then trust that you are GOING to read it.

1) If you loved Rock Chick 1-7 you will love this one. Everything you have come to expect from this series, and Kristen Ashley, is present in Revolution as well.

2) Darius is a key player in this book and I LOVED getting to know him better. He has always been a favorite of mine.

3) This is the final book in the Rock Chick series, however to quote Semisonic "Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end" (and if you are anything like me you will now have "Closing Time" stuck in your head for the rest of the day) ;)

4) Grab your tissues, as you get the opportunity to say goodbye to almost the entire Rock Chick cast in this one.

*Sigh* It's over. The Rock Chicks have all found happy endings. They've found tough, bossy, sexy, bad ass men who put up with their crazies and love them most when they are throwing sass. Everyone deserves a man like that, right? The last to finally fall was Ally Nightingale. But damn it, Ren Zano was well worth the wait. Oh don't worry about me...I'll just sit here and cry. What? Kristen Ashley has another book called Jagged (Colorado Mountain Man #5) coming out in November? Phew, okay I think I can make it til then.
It wasn’t perfect, none of it.
But it was a fairytale.

And people needed to believe in 
fairytales. Even flawed ones.

Maybe especially flawed ones.
And they needed to believe always.” 

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