Review: Ignite by Tessa Teevan

Saturday, October 26, 2013

By Tessa Teevan
On Sale October 30th

Our Rating: A Whole Bottle of Wine

After nearly a year and a half of grieving the loss of her husband, twenty-seven year old Alexa Sullivan Tate is headed back to her hometown after a decade of being away. She has no idea her high school crush, Jace McAllister, the guy who stole her heart the same night that he broke it, is more than ready to pick up the pieces. 

Jace has spent the last ten years in the Army defusing bomb after bomb, trying to forget the girl who ignited all his passions. Little does he know that the spark still exists. 

Ten years ago they had smoldering chemistry, but the spark between them now might light a fuse that leads to an explosion even Jace can't stop. Not that he wants to. If only Alexa can get past her guilt and trust her heart again. 

But how do you put it all on the line when you've already lost everything once before?

*While this is a series, each book will be standalone.

Aly's Review:

As I am sure all of you can imagine I read a lot of books, each one offering me a little something different. Some make me laugh to the point of tears, some make me sadly sob, and some make me want to break things. However occasionally a magical book comes along that does it all. Ignite by Tessa Teevan was exactly that book for me. I laughed. I cried. I laughed some more. I screamed at Tessa on twitter who by the way, encouraged me to wine at three in the afternoon. Authors orders! I had no choice but to follow them. I loved this book!
"Sober and clearheaded, I still want to do this, but at the same time, I’m scared to let him in my heart again. It may be a lost cause, though, because I’m not sure he ever really left it." 
Ignite is about Jace and Lexi who despite being best friends and secretly in love for most of their highschool years missed out on a future together. Jace never truly moved on from the girl who stole his heart 10 years earlier, and it killed him when he realized Lexi did. After a horrible accident left her a 27 year old widow, Lexi is grief stricken and unable to even consider moving forward. Her well meaning sister decides to step in and reunite Lexi with the one man who could fill the holes left in her heart, Jace.

Sounds sad, huh? WRONG...well kind of wrong. This book is HILARIOUS!
“Please, please, please, I implore you. Do not forget to pack lube. I’ve heard that dry vaginas can be fatal to a man’s foreskin.”
And my personal favorite quote of the entire book:

“Oh my God, you did not just say that. Blue lips? Is that even a thing?”
 “Yeah, you know, like blue balls. Maybe blue clit would be better?” 

Ignite is about second chances, letting go of the past, and learning to love again. I know what you are thinking. You've read 1700 books just like that right? WRONG! Ignite is not your cookie cutter romance. It has a few of familiar situations and themes but the content is unique, fun, and interesting. This book hooked me during the prologue and never let go. It patted me on the ass with a "Happily Every After", leaving me both sated and hung over (and not just because of my prescribed midday drinks).
Loving you was easy. Losing you broke me. Somehow, I found someone who was able to pick up every single piece and make me whole again.

Ignite by Tessa Teevan left me with more than I even could have imagined....but more on that later ;) Oh look, my review has a cliff hanger!

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