Review: Fallen Crest Public by Tijan

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Title: Fallen Crest Public Series(Fallen Crest High #3)
Author: Tijan
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: 12/30/2013
Our Rating: Four and a Half Glasses of Wine


Sam's first day at Fallen Crest Public doesn't go well. Some girls want to be her. Some girls want to destroy her. And some just don't like her. All in all, despite being protected by Mason and Logan, it's still only the strong survive. Sam will not only have to survive, she needs to learn how to conquer too, but there's another battle growing. Things are about to come to a disastrous end between the towns, Roussou and Fallen Crest. Sam's other main dilemma? Keeping Mason and Logan from getting arrested or hospitalized. 

Fall's Review:

This is the third book in the Fallen Crest series by Tijan, and like the previous two, it does not disappoint. With the promise of two more books to be written (Fallen Fourth Down is set to be the fourth book) readers can, for now, breath a sigh of relief. Once again Tijan does not disappoint. I LOVE her writing! It's so well written that you feel yourself being pulled into the story. Like an out of body experience, you feel like you're standing in the halls with Sam, Logan and Mason at Fallen Crest High. All the family drama is still there, it's just dialed way back. 

Book three picks right up where book two left off. Sam is the "new girl" at Fallen Crest High and she already has a ton of enemies. With her life a complicated mess, Sam relies on Logan and Mason, her only true "family". With threats being made not only against herself, but also her friends and family, Sam is in for quite the first year at FCH. Armed with her new BFF Heather, Sam tries to navigate not only the halls of school, but her life without getting hurt. It's a little challenging when it seems like everyone is out to get you. 

"People are snakes, you just have to figure out their different colors, but they're all the same. Everybody wants something."

Logan and Mason are still the "princes" of FCH and rule the school. When an old friend shows up on the first day of school, Logan has to deal with scabbed wounds. One of my favorite parts of this book was the POV from Mason. Mason always seems so cold and calculated, but we get to see a warmer side of him when dealing with Sam. We see how vulnerable he is and just how deep his love for Sam runs. It was enjoyable to read his POV and know that Tijan thought of him as more than the sexy, badass, guy that every girl wanted a piece of. His loyalties run deep and there isn't anything that he wouldn't do for his family. 

"She had no idea just how rare she was." 

If I am being 100% honest there was a time in the middle of the book that I thought, "I am to old for this high school dramafest!" Sam shows us her weaker side in this book, and honestly I am a HUGE fan of a strong, badass, take no bullshit female character. However, I can see how showing us this side of Sam makes us realize there is more to Her than just attitude and good looks. 

I am a HUGE Tijan fan and get to meet her next month (SQUEE!) So even though this book was sort of slow for me at times, I can not wait to finish the series and see what Tijan has in store for Sam, Logan and Mason. Her writing is AMAZING and if you have yet to read her other series/books I highly urge you to do so! This super excited reader gives Fallen Crest Public by Tijan 4.5 glasses of Pinot....cause that's my favorite!!! Until next time Tijan, keep doing what you do best!!!!!! 

This is the third book in the Fallen Crest Series. 
Fallen Crest High 
Fallen Crest Family 
Fallen Crest Public




Tijan started writing later in life, after she had already graduated college with a different direction in mind and a different degree under her belt. Hitting the brakes on that path, she taught herself how to write a good book and began posting at sites such as Fictionpress, along with Wattpad. After receiving such encouraging messages from readers, she self-published Fallen Crest High and has continued throughout the year. She continues to keep writing NA books!







Then Logan came out of the gas station. He had two coffees in hand with his head down, clueless of the Broudou brothers as he crossed the lot. There still hadn’t been a word spoken between the brothers and Mason. Yet.
It was coming.
A shiver went down my spine.
Slipping my hand inside my pocket, I made sure my phone was there and pulled it out. If they made one violent move, I was calling 911. I wasn’t going to risk them being hurt. Mason’s future had already been threatened by Analise. It wasn’t going to be threatened again.
Then it happened.
I gulped as I watched it in slow motion. Logan stepped forward, he frowned, and then lifted his head. His eyes found me first. He paused. His foot came down hard in mid-step and he glanced around. He saw Mason before he trailed his head where they were.
It was as if they’d been waiting for him to join.
Everything happened then, at the same time.
Shannon’s features scrunched together in an ugly snarl. Her hands found her heavier hips and her arms pinched the sides of her breasts, making them rise from the motion. It was then when her brothers saw us too.
I jerked forward.
Mason shifted in front of his car, and Logan disappeared from my eyesight. I moved to see better, but Jeff moved with me, obscuring my view.
“Stop.” I tried to push him aside.
He remained facing them, but his hand went behind him to touch my arm. “Get in the car, Sam.”
He hissed, “Get in the car! Now.”
They weren’t going to do anything to them. They couldn’t. Terror started to rise up, and the hair on the back of my neck stood up.
They couldn’t hurt Mason or Logan.
Then a low baritone spoke up, “Kade.”
The other one added, “Shannon, go inside and get your coffee.”
“No!” she hissed. “I’m staying, Brett.”
“What are you doing here, Budd?” Mason asked. I closed my eyes, falling against Logan’s Escalade. He sounded in control, amused even, and a wave of relief went through me at the sound. That meant he was fully in control of the situation. “Quickie’s is in Fallen Crest territory. Not Roussou.”


“Heads up,” one of the guys warned. “Hoe walking.”
“Screw you, Ethan,” Kate snapped. “You’re showing off to get in Mason’s good graces, but we both know the shoe was on the other foot last night.”
Last night?
I didn’t want to turn around. I didn’t want to deal with Kate yet. She and her three friends had been the main companions for the guys, but that stopped when I found out about her agenda to destroy Sam. She went after my girlfriend so I went after her. Well, I tried. Sam was adamant about handling this battle on her own so I did what I could. The girls were no longer friends with our group. They were exiled, but I heard the anger from her and I knew she wasn’t going to lay down and take it.
I knew about Parker and Nate, but it sounded like there was more. I wondered what else Kate was up to?
Logan laughed. “So desperate, Kate. The look doesn’t fit you.”
“Keep laughing, Logan. You’re going on the list.”
He grinned now.
I laughed to myself. She stepped wrong, and judging by the quiet intake of breath, Kate knew it as well. The easygoing air surrounding the group was gone. Knowing that look, I turned now and saw my little brother getting ready to go in for the kill. There was a certain look that came over him. His head would straighten. His eyes would narrow and roam up and down the target. No one knew what was he doing, but I did. Logan was searching for weaknesses. If he couldn’t see one, he’d sense for one. It was something we learned over the years after we’d been screwed over by adults too many times. We went with our gut.
I waited for his next move like the rest.
“What list are you talking about, Kate?” Logan’s voice grew soft. He was going in for the kill.
Kate seemed frozen, and the rest of her crew had varying reactions. Parker grimaced, her eyes darting to Nate’s before looking away. Natalie took a deep breath and Jasmine moved back a step. All of them recognized the tone, they just weren’t used to being on the receiving end.
“Come on, Logan,” Kate tried to laugh it off. “I was kidding.”
A smirk came over me, but then it vanished. As I watched the scene unfold, I saw Logan decide to give her a pass.
No. That wasn’t going to happen. “No, you weren’t.”
All heads jerked in my direction. My gaze caught my brother’s in a silent mocking, and a spark flared in Logan’s. The message was received: Kate couldn’t be let off the hook, no matter what. I wasn’t surprised when I heard him add, “What list are you talking about? Come on, Kate. I’d like to know how I rate getting on some list?”
She let out a shaky laugh, glancing between us now. “Seriously, come on, guys. Mason. Logan. I was joking.”
“No, you weren’t.”
She turned to me and her eyes widened. A glimmer of fear showed. “I came over to see if you needed help.”
My eyes narrowed to slits now. “With what?”
“With Tate.”
“You think we need help with her?”
She peeked at Logan before turning back to me.
Too late. I caught the slight smugness. It mingled with her fear, but I caught it. “What was that?”
“What?” An innocent mask slipped over her.
I shook my head, pointing to her face. “That. That look you gave Logan.”
Logan’s head straightened. His interest was piqued.
“What are you talking about, Mason?” She was growing cockier now. “I’m trying to be a friend. We used to have your backs. Remember?”
One of the guys muttered, “Oh shit.”
Even Nate laughed at that. “Since when? What are you talking about, Kate?”
She turned to the rest of the guys. All of them were looking at her in disbelief. Except Logan, he was grinning widely, leaning back against his Escalade. He shook his head now. “You’re digging yourself a hole. Stop talking. It might help.”
Jasmine hissed behind her, “Don’t you talk to her like that—”
“Like what?” Ethan shot back at her.
That stopped her. All the wind she had ready to let loose fell flat. Her eyes darted to his, and she couldn’t look away.
Ethan leaned back against the car beside Logan, and shoved his hands into his front pockets. His shoulders hunched forward, but his gaze never left hers. They were dead-locked as he added, “You’re going to tell us what to do? You’re going to tell me what to do, Jaz?”
“Stop.” Her throat moved as she visibly swallowed. “Ethan—”
“No, Jaz. You picked your side. We’re not friends with you guys anymore.”
Her shoulders flinched as if he’d punched her.
He nodded in my direction. “And you know why.”


My hand tightened on my bag as I crossed the parking lot. Logan’s car was still parked next to mine. What was my brother still doing here? Nate’s car was here too. Things were cold between the two, but they could joke around with each other. Still, I didn’t see them hanging out together, and I hadn’t seen either of them in the locker room. Coach needed to talk to me, and most of the guys were gone when I came out.
“Hey,” Logan spoke up, straightening from his Escalade.
I frowned. My little brother looked tired. “You need to stop with this whole sex marathon you’ve got going on.” Unlocking my car, I tossed my bag inside.
Logan rolled his eyes. “Whatever. I hear you and Sam going at it all the time. Don’t you guys take a fucking break?”
I grunted. Nice choice of words. “I can have all the sex I want with her. Know why? Because she’s my girlfriend, and I love her. I know my dick can be in her, and it’s safe. She’s safe. We’re not going to be having little Kades running around here anytime soon. Can you say the same?”
“You’re such a dick.”
“A dick that cares about you. Stop all the screwing around. You’ll catch something or you’re going to end up with a kid.”
“What’s your problem?” Logan ran a hand through his hair.
“You’re my problem. I mean it, Logan. Stop screwing around. Find a girl, get some feelings for her, and be rabbits.” He was pissed. We both knew it, but I wasn’t going to ask for the motivation of his sudden marathon. “There has to be some girl in this town that you could date who’s not Tate.”
Logan shot me a dark look. “Get over yourself. I don’t love her, and you know it.”
I narrowed my eyes, studying him before I relented. “Do whatever you want. Mom’ll love being a grandmother.”
My brother shot me a different look now, one filled with dark humor. “Can you imagine that? Helen quilting little booties for the kid? She’d flip out.”
“If we thought she went nuts after the divorce...” I chuckled. “I’ve got a feeling we haven’t seen nothing yet. She’d go ape-shit.”
“I’d feel bad for whoever the chick would be.” Logan shuddered, laughing at the same time. Then he stopped and studied me for a moment. “What are you going to do about Sam?”
The amusement was gone.
A cruel glint appeared and Logan added, “Mom’s moving back to Fallen Crest. What’s Sam going to do when you leave for college?”
I cursed. “That’s for me and Sam to deal with. You don’t need to worry about it.”
“Screw you, Mason. I care about her, too. We both know Mom’s going to want me to live with her. I, sure as shit, ain’t stepping foot in Dad’s place while he’s got Psychopath Barbie with him, and I’m not letting Sam go back there. No way in hell.”
“No way in hell?” An equally cruel look came over my face as my lips curved in a mocking smirk. “Look at you, already stepping in shoes that aren’t yours.”
“And they’re yours?”


Kate’s sneer turned into a snarl. “You think you’re funny?”
One of the three added, “Maybe she’s taking lessons from Logan?”
Another snorted. “Probably. She needs all the lessons she can get.”
My smile had stretched from ear to ear now. It was genuine, too. “Is this another warning from you? I thought you moved past the cliché insults and name calling. Oh wait. You said lessons. Yes, that’s referencing that I’m dumb. That’s another cliché insult.” With my hand in the air, I lifted a finger with each point. “I’m ugly. I’m dumb. I have too much sex. Those are the three main ones most simpletons use to insult others. The clothes and the mannequin gave me hope. I thought you were starting to progress, but then I heard that you’ve already done that before. It’s recycled material. You guys need to find new stuff. You know what they say about comedians?” At their blank faces, I nodded. “What I expected. If they use old material, the act is boring. People move on. If you’re going to keep drawing fresh fear from everyone, you need new stuff.” I stood and patted Kate’s head. “You can do it. I believe in you.”
Logan stood by the door and held it open. Mason came in behind him. Both found me immediately. I wondered who had notified them, but then Kate grabbed my arm. She twisted it and got into my face. Her hand tightened on my arm and she lowered her voice, “You have until the end of the day to drop out of school. This is the last warning.”
A taunt rose to my tongue, but I swallowed it. The jokes were gone.
Three thoughts happened at the same time. David’s image flashed again. “Fuck it,” came next. Third, when I knew what I was going to do, I thought, “Let’s see how this goes.”
Kate’s eyes widened as she watched the myriad of expressions before she saw my intent. Her hand let me go, and she started to back away, but it was too late. My hand latched onto hers instead, and I took one second to comment, “Bet you weren’t expecting this,” I said before my other hand grabbed the back of her head and used all my body weight to slam her head into the table.





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