Review: Between Sisters by Kristin Hannah

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Meghann Dontess is a woman haunted by heartbreak. Twenty-five years ago she was forced to make a terrible choice, one that cost her everything, including the love of her sister, Claire. Now, Meghann is a hotshot divorce attorney who doesn’t believe in intimacy–until she meets the one man who can change her mind.

Claire Cavenaugh has fallen in love for the first time in her life. As her wedding day approaches, she prepares to face her harsh, judgmental older sister and their self-absorbed mother. It is the first time they have been together in more than two decades. Over the course of a hot Pacific Northwest summer, these three women who believe they have nothing in common will try to become what they never were: a family.

Tender, funny, bittersweet, and wonderfully moving, Between Sisters celebrates the joys and heartaches that can only be shared by sisters, the mistakes made in the name of love and the healing power of new beginnings–all beautifully told by acclaimed author Kristin Hannah.
Ash's Review:
Four and a half glasses
Kristin Hannah is a master at evoking every emotion possible in a single book. She and Nicolas Sparks must trade notes on how to rip out their readers hearts all while weaving such an amazing story that you just can't put the book down!  I just finished Between Sisters and let me tell you: I laughed and cried, screamed and groaned through the entire book.  I've read several of her other books and I have loved all of them.  This book I especially enjoyed because it ended differently than some of her other books.

Between Sisters is guessed it: two sisters.  But this isn't your typical sister BFF story.  It's quite the opposite, in fact.  Claire and Meg have let the past, and more specifically their childhood, keep them apart as adults.  Sure, they keep in touch with each other, but it's more out of obligation than an affection for each other.

Meg is a forty-something hot shot divorce attorney that doesn't believe in love.  She has meaningless encounters with younger men to help fill the emptiness in her that she does not even realize is there.  She has one true friend and sees a psychiatrist regularly.  Meg refuses to truly acknowledge the damage her mother did to her, nor will she face her past.  Add in the fact that she tells it like it is, and not in a very nice way, and you can see how she would be difficult to connect with.

Claire is a thirty-something single mother that lives on the resort she owns with her father.  Never having been married, her entire world revolves around her five year old daughter Ali.  Claire used to dream of having a close relationship with Meg, but has accepted that it will never happen.  While she longs to be close to her sister, she doesn't put much effort forth either.

Their relationship changes when Claire meets Bobby Austin, has a whirlwind romance and calls Meg for her blessing on their upcoming wedding.  Because Meg doesn't believe in love and specializes in divorce, she protests this union loudly.  But Meg decides to be the supportive big sister and keep her harsh opinions to herself.  She also convinces Claire to let her plan the wedding and their relationship grows from there.

Add in a colorful cast of supporting characters, including their awful mother Ellie and Claire's loving father Sam, and this entire book is a "can't put down".  I don't want to spoil the whole book for you, but I will tell you that the whirlwind wedding is not the biggest obstacle they will overcome together.

I highly recommend Between Sisters by Kristin Hannah.  While not full of steamy, hot sexy scenes, it is definitely worth your time.  This White Zin lover is giving Kristen's book 4.5 glasses of wine.  
About the Author:
Kristin Hannah        
Kristin Hannah was born in September 1960 in Southern California and grew up at the beach, making sand castles and playing in the surf. When she was eight years old, her father drove the family to Western Washington which they called home.

After working in a trendy advertising agency, Kristin decided to go to law school. "But you're going to be a writer" are the prophetic words she would never forget from her mother. Kristin was in her third-and final-year of law school and her mom was in the hospital, facing the end of her long battle with cancer. Kristin was shocked to discover that her mother believed she would become a writer. For the next few months, they collaborated on the worst, most clichéd historical romance ever written.

After her mom's death, she packed up all those bits and pieces of paper they'd collected and put them in a box in the back of her closet. Kristin got married and continued practicing law.

Then Kristin found out she was pregnant and was on bed rest for five months. By the time she'd read every book in the house and started asking her husband for cereal boxes to read, she knew she was a goner. That's when her husband reminded her of the book she'd started with her mom. Kristin pulled out the boxes of research material, dusted them off and began writing. By the time their son was born, she'd finished a first draft and found an obsession.

The rejections came, of course, and they stung for a while, but each one really just spurred her to try harder, work more. In 1990, Kristin got "the call," and in that moment, she went from a young mother with a cooler-than-average hobby to a professional writer, and has never looked back. In all the years between then and now, she have never lost her love of, or her enthusiasm for, telling stories. Kristin feels truly blessed to be a wife, a mother, and a writer.


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