Beautifully Done (Beautifully awake #2) by Riley MacKenzie

Friday, July 18, 2014

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BEAUTIFULLY DONE (Beautifully Awake, #2)
Authors Riley MacKenzie
July 16, 2014 


Beautifully Done AMAZON GR SW
Synopsis: Beautifully Done
Diagnosis: Borrowed time 
Treatment: Trust
Prognosis: Beautifully Done 

Asher Craig drives fast, flies high, and screws hard. But make no mistake, he’s a gentleman.

He learned way too young that we’re all on borrowed time. Fair or unfair, you only get one ride. He vows to live for the moment because it’s the only time he owns. The past is beyond his control and the future may not exist. With his only loyalties being his family, he thrives for that edge where plunging over is always in the realm of possibility.

When a beautiful familiar face tilts his axis, he re-examines everything and realizes that second chances are overrated and a lifetime of firsts are irreplaceable. In the end, it’s not her medical degree but his trust that needs to prove that the ride together is worth it ... until it’s Beautifully Done.

***Author's note*** 
Contains spoilers from Beautifully Awake. We highly recommend reading Chase and Lili's story first. For readers 18+

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Beautifully Done is book two in the Beautifully Awake series. I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing the first book, Beautifully Awake. The first book was Chase and Lili's story and although we meet Asher we don't get his story until Beautifully Done. I had the pleasure of meeting the fabulous Riley MacKenzie at their very first author signing. Not only are they amazing writers but they are wonderful women as well. I will be honest, I read A LOT of books. Mostly indie authors and several of them are for the blog. It takes a lot to get me worked up to the point of tears, or so angry I throw my iPad across the room (that only happened once and I quickly realized I needed a less expensive solution to my anger!) I will tell you all as I finished this book at my kitchen table while eating my salad for lunch the tears were ROLLING down my cheeks. I had snot dripping from my nose and eyes were swollen and red. I quickly tried to make myself look somewhat normal as my kids ran around the house screaming. My daughter stopped as she ran by me and said "mommy why are you crying?" What do you say to a 6 year old when her mother is snot sobbing like the world is coming to an end or they stop making your favorite flavor of ice cream!?!?!? I said, "its ok, mommy was just reading something really, really happy and it made me cry happy tears." Luckily for me she was more interested in whatever game she was playing and didn't think to ask more questions!!!! Moral of this story.......this book IS THAT GOOD! OMG......seriously I told my co-bloggers y'all have got to read this, I am bawling like a baby!!!!!

Asher Craig is a ladies man. He has a motto in life and he sticks to it. He loves his women, his family, job and his friends. He is extremely loyal and very protective. His heart is guarded and has only ever belonged to one woman but she disappeared from his life 18 years ago. His humor is quick and witty and his body should be a sin. When a ghost from the past shows back up into his life his world is rocked! He thought she was gone forever and he thought she forgot about him but he never forgot about her. When you dig up the past sometimes you find things that are better left buried. Sometimes you find feelings you never thought were possible. Asher is a ladies man.....right?? He doesn't do relationships.......But maybe this one time he can make an exception. Is he ready to take on all the world has to throw at him? They always say everything has a price......even life and love. 

"Everything didn't have to be ideal to be beautifully done in the end. Things were rocky and nothing was certain, but this was our story and Tal and I just needed the chance to live it." 

Talia Prince is a strong, beautiful, successful woman. She has worked hard her whole life to become the Doctor she is today. Life has not always been so kind to Talia and she carries burdens and secrets no woman should have to carry alone. There has always been one man in her life that her heart has belonged to, but darkness has kept her away from him. When she runs into him by chance avoiding him might be harder then she thinks. Her heart has always known what it wants but her mind knows that its not a good idea. Secrets are told and lies are exposed. They say true love can conquer all, even the darkest of secrets. In a blink Talia's life is put to the test and her world is forever changed. She has always prided herself on being strong but sometimes even the strong get weak. Relationships are tested and torn, hearts are broken and lives are shattered. Is love really enough?

"All I ever need, now I'm done...yeah I'm beautifully done" 

This book  ROCKED MY WORLD! For me it started off kinda slow, but then the twists and turns and OMG and WTF started. I loved it. Thats really all there is to say. If you have not read the wonderful books of the fabulous Riley MacKenzie then I HIGHLY advise you to do so immediately. You will not be disappointed. After you read them and love them, please let them know how much you loved them!!!!! As a friend of an author I know how much it means to them to hear that their readers really love what they work so hard to achieve. I give Beautifully Done by Riley MacKenzie a whole bottle of pinot because ladies, its what this blogger drinks!!!! Cheers!

We sat silent while he fetched my bottle. “So what about you?” She sounded a tad more relaxed. 
“What about me?”
Her iPhone whistled with a new text. She tapped the power button, quickly blackening the screen, before she even had a chance to read the message. Clearly, I was not invited to eavesdrop. Thoughts of someone else’s sexting was a definite mood killer anyway. She dropped the phone in her bag and nailed me with her big cinnamon eyes. 
“Sorry. Work.” Yeah right.
“No hidden ink? You all tatted up under this muscley situation you have going on?” She waved her hands up and down the length of my body. Somehow the tension from moments ago vanished and now the conversation was about me. Shit. How a woman could so brilliantly avoid a topic and complete a one-eighty boggled my mind. But I didn’t mind her acknowledging my body. That had to be a good sign, right? 
“I pegged you for some completely over-the-top ink to your chicks all hot and bothered?”  
I shook my head for more than one reason. “I don’t need any help from a tat for that.” I loved that she blushed and tried to play it off hiding behind her clear glass. 
“Don’t blush, all you have to do is ask and you are more than welcome to check out,” I copied her hand motion down my front, “my situation.” I smirked and took a pull from my beer. Her attempt at a repulsed expression was hilarious. Hey, she started it. 
“Hate you.”
“No you don’t.”  
“True.” She smiled. It was just like old times. 

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Beautifully Done (Beautifully Awake, #2)

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