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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

"Beautiful, lyrical writing and a dangerously suspenseful plot. . .an unforgettable novel that readers will love." --Lucy Connors, author of The Lonesome Young
Sometimes secrets kill. Maybe slowly, maybe painfully. Maybe all at once.
Melissa smiles. She flirts. She jokes. But she never shows her scars. Eight months after tragedy ripped her from her closest friend, Melissa is broken. Inside her grows a tumor, fed by grief, rage, and the painful memory of a single forbidden kiss.
Javier has scars of his own: a bullet wound, and the memory of a cousin shot in the heart. Life in the States was supposed to be a new beginning, but a boy obsessed by vengeance has no time for the American dream. To honor his familia, Javier joins the gang who set up his cousin's murder. The entrance price is blood. Death is the only escape.
These two broken souls could make each other whole again--or be shattered forever.
Our time will come. And we'll be ready.
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Ash's Review:
4.5 Glasses
After Us is the follow up to Before You by Amber Hart.  I thoroughly enjoyed Before You (read my review here) and so when I saw that After Us was available for review, I jumped on the chance!  And I was not disappointed.  I think that I liked After Us even better!
Before You was about Faith and Diego and their relationship.  After Us is about Melissa and Javier.  Javier is Diego's cousin and Melissa is Faith's best friend (talk about keeping it all in the family!) 
Melissa is trying to go on with life after her best friend moves to Nicaragua following the death of Diego.  During this time, she is hit with some devastating news and desperately needs Faith to reassure her that everything will be alright.  But Faith is too wrapped up in her own grief to even answer the phone.  While serving drinks on the beach on hot day, Melissa runs in to a blast from her past.  The guy that she shared one unforgettable kiss with looks every bit as good as he did on that day in the water. 
Javier is trying to enjoy a vacation with his family at the beach when he runs in to Melissa, the gringa that hasn't been far from his thoughts.  But Javier is intent on revenge for the death of his beloved cousin, Diego.  He doesn't have time for a girlfriend, and more so, a white girl.  His mama would never approve.
Despite the fact that they have so many odds against them, Melissa and Javier fall for each other anyway.  There are many obstacles they face and some of them seem too big to overcome.
I absolutely adored the way this book was written. Amber Hart is amazingly descriptive so that the reader is able to clearly picture the scenes in their head. I loved how this book wasn't over taken with dialogue, even though that's what I usually prefer. I really felt the connection between Javier and Melissa and there were a few scenes that made me all gooey inside.  I also liked that they didn't jump right in the bed and how realistic the book was.  Too often situations are so far fetched, it can be hard to enjoy a book.  But this was not the case. My only gripe is that the ending was a bit rushed.
 I am officially a fan of Amber's and will read whatever she puts out next. I am giving After US four and a half glasses of Pinot Grigio.... which I will be drinking this coming weekend.



About Amber Hart

Amber Hart grew up in Orlando, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia. She now resides on the Florida coastline with family. When unable to find a book, she can be found writing, daydreaming, or with her toes in the sand. She's the author of BEFORE YOU, AFTER US, UNTIL YOU FIND ME, and sequel to UNTIL YOU FIND ME (untitled as of yet). Represented by Beth Miller of Writers House.

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